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Buhari’s Animal Farm, Sunday Igboho And Nnamdi Kanu, By Fadumo Abiodun Paul

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We have all heard about the rearrest of Nnamdi Kanu and the ‘attack’ on Sunday Igboho by the men of Nigerian security forces. 

I do believe that Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu have the right to agitate (peacefully). But I do not think Igboho should be in possession of such guns; meanwhile, I also think he mayhave the right to protect himself (if the government won’t) since it is not the first time his house was attacked at night by unknown Gunmen. 

Note, that many Nigerians are responsible for providing basic amenities for themselves, some of which the government should be responsible for. Millions of Nigerians provide theirwater, electricity, education, healthcare, and security (those who can afford it).

Indeed, I think Nigerians are aware that those who can afford it do find means to protect themselves, which may include hiring people and buying guns for personal protection.  

Here are a few questions, would you believe that the kind of destruction/wreck left behind in Igboho’s home (as seen in videos) was done by honourable/civilised policemen who were on duty to arrest an erring Igboho? Doesn’t it look like what unknown gunmen on a mission to kill will do?

Suppose Igboho was planning an attack on the Nigerian government. Can anyone overpower a moderately equipped police station with the number of firearms seized from his house during the attack – as shown to reporters by the police?I do not intend to defend illegal possession of arms, but a little thinking is no crime. 

Some people have opined that Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu are not good models and not fit to lead freedom movements, but would you say the government has been any better in providing leadership to the nation?

There are countless peace-loving people seeking justice (that may never come) in courts across Nigeria today. The Nigerian government and leaders are like the average parent who will beat a child and beat him the more for attempting to cry. 

They are used to disobeying court orders, but they expect citizens who have seen them ignore court orders, overlook the due process and federal character countless times to be good law-abiding citizens. 

Many Nigerians believe that it is almost naive to expect the law/court or security forces to protect you. Our judges and judicial system have been rendered powerless because corruption pays. They say, where there is “no justice, there can never be peace.”

People like Sheik Gumi have been meeting killer bandits in the company of DSS officers (and mediating on behave ofkidnapped victims), men who are responsible for killing soldiers, innocent commuters, and villagers in their hundreds,and he may never be arrested for such association.

Nevertheless, Omoyele Sowore has been detained in Abuja for more than two years for organising the #RevolutionNow protest and meeting Nnamdi Kanu while in exile.  


The Nigerian forces under this government are only effective when it is time to trace, harass, kill or arrest dissenting citizens. You can get killed by the Nigerian forces meant to protect you by simply participating in a peaceful protest – even while holding the national flag. 

Some so-called bandits will eventually become businessmen, millionaires, and perhaps already made enough to run for or buy political offices soon. Furthermore, such men will be called honourable too, and you will be respected as long as you have money – that is what we are subconsciously teaching (our) young men and women.

The guns and ammunition smuggled into the country through the Niger border may already have been transferred to younger ones to form other criminal groups.

It was reported in the news a few days ago that Kano State Governor – Abdullahi Umar Ganduje narrowly escaped death as deadly bandits unleashed an attack on his convoy on their way back from Zamfara state. During which about three security personnel attached to the governor’s convoy sustained varying degrees of injuries.

Yet, the same intelligence used to arrest and repatriate Kanu has not been used to quench the powers of killer groups likeBoko Haram, ISWAP, Bandits, and the killer Fulani herders. How do you persuade people to submit to such authority who wants to be respected by force?

We are being scammed, but we are not victims; we are more like accomplices – because we support injustices when it favours us to do so, we conveniently look away whenever it pays to do so.

To men and women of my generation, I appeal that we do better, else our children will struggle like we currently are under a new generation of Goliaths. 

If we act cowardly unconcerned like many of our parents, then you can expect that this is only the beginning of what is to come for a generation that has no plan.

Buhari is a tribalist and power-drunk, and many among the older Nigerians knew, but they did little or nothing to reveal the truth that they know when he was being repackaged and sold to us during the 2015 elections. 

The Nigerian elite class knows that many of us are unthinkingly simple – who are not expected to remember past events. The national assembly does not care about the feelings of those they supposedly represent, and the senate has been captured.

Oh, Nigeria, who will save you from these spineless vagabonds? 

No Nigerian holding opposing views are safe from Buhari and the claws of his forces, whether online, social media or on the street, not even diasporas are safe – at least not anymore. 

We shall all die one way or another, whether you stand on the side of justice or not. I would rather do what is right by my conscience because I want the coming generation to know that I did lend my voice (in writing) against the injustices perpetrated by Buhari led government and his enablers.  

Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho may have turned secessionists, but they remain the least of Nigeria’s problemsif well managed. Our main problems are poor and corrupt leadership, poor education as well as a corrupted justice system.

A few days ago, the minister of education was quoted to have said, “Katsina is the second-highest state with out-of-school children in Nigeria.” Katsina is Buhari’s home state: normally, one would expect Nigeria and Buhari’s administration to focus on this rather than scoring popularity contests against Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho. 

Sensible Nigerians know that these men are the least of Nigeria’s problems – regardless of their campaign for secession. 

In my opinion, we should be focusing on: 

– Investing in education reform and get children out of school back. 
– Reform the electoral system to eliminate poor leaders and empower the electorates. 
– A people’s all-inclusive national referendum.

We are who we are: we made the likes of Buhari who obviously ought to belong only in our past – present. Just as we are also responsible for those like Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho and others who are saying they have had enough of this current crazy arrangement. We made our beds,and we are being forced to sleep on them.


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